Slovakian opposition party ‘on course to win election’

By Associated Press Reporter

Two exit polls suggest that Slovakia’s opposition appears to be winning the country’s parliamentary election.

The polls by the Focus and agencies showed the conservative Ordinary People party getting over 25% support while the senior ruling leftist Smer-Social Democracy led by former prime minister Robert Fico would receive between 13.9 and 14.9%.

The result means Ordinary People would be able to create a majority government with three other centre-right parties and unseat Smer, the country’s long-dominant but scandal-tainted party.

In a further blow for Smer, the polls suggested that Mr Fico’s current coalition partners, the ultra-nationalist Slovak National Party and a party of ethnic Hungarians, would not win any seats.

An extreme far-right party whose members use Nazi salutes and which wants Slovakia out of the European Union and Nato appeared to receive between 6.5% – 8.8% support.