Small car groans under weight of 1/3 tonne of marijuana in southern India drug bust

A number of people were arrested in southern India on Saturday 3 July, in connection with marijuana smuggling. A third of a tonne of cannabis was found in the back of a small car in Darakonda in Visakhapatnam district. Visuals feature officials recovering 337kg (745 lbs) of marijuana from a red car. Following this, police conduct their examination and stack all the sacks full of narcotic substances outside the vehicle, while the others retrieve cash from the suspect. Cops seized the marijuana as it was allegedly being transported from Darakonda to Hyderabad. They also arrested seven other smugglers regarding this matter and recovered two cars worth 80,516 US dollars (Rs. 60 lakh) along with 1,248 dollars equivalent (Rs. 93,000) in cash. Despite the challenging times in the country, illegal trading has emerged as one of the biggest problems in southern India's Andhra Pradesh.