Small Plane Crashes Into Water Off Huntington Beach

A small plane towing a banner crashed into the water off Huntington Beach, California, on July 22, the local fire service said.

The occupant of the plane was removed from the aircraft with no serious injuries, the Huntington Beach fire department said. Local reports said the pilot and someone who assisted in the rescue were later taken to hospital.

Footage by Patrick Enman shows the plane in the water just meters from beachgoers on Friday afternoon. The plane is later towed off the beach. Credit: Patrick Enman via Storyful

Video transcript


PATRICK ENMAN: The plane crashed right in front of us.


- Ah, the guy's safe.

PATRICK ENMAN: Yeah. Yeah, we saw him--


PATRICK ENMAN: We saw him get out on the top.

- Oh, yeah.

PATRICK ENMAN: They can recover that thing. They just need to get a tow truck out here. Look, oh, it's falling-- look at it like breaking apart.

- A tow guy is going to [INAUDIBLE].

- I tried my--

PATRICK ENMAN: Tried to get the banner out of the ocean that was attached to the plane.


(CHUCKLING) Right there.


Here's the plane coming out. They're dragging the plane out of the ocean. Crazy!

- It's wild.

- So is everybody trying to [INAUDIBLE]?

PATRICK ENMAN: It's just getting started, man. This party's just--



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