Will Smith says ‘fantasy’ acting life caused him to feel ‘more self-loathing’

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Will Smith has said that his “fantasy life” as an actor has caused him to feel “more guilt, shame and self-loathing.”

The US actor, who has spoken openly about his mental health, shared a clip of the recording for his memoir audiobook as he wished fans well in 2022.

He said he hoped to pass on “the fruits of my journey” to those who need it moving into the new year.

The 60-second video showed snapshots from Smith’s career including the filming of action film Bad Boys and red carpet events.

Referencing the theme tune of sitcom The Fresh Prince of Belair in which he starred, he said: “Now I know y’all were thinking that I was gonna start this book off with ‘In west Philadelphia born and raised…’

“I was tempted, I mean how could I not be?

“I’m a make-believer, and not just any make-believer. I’m a legendary bad-boy man-in-black kind of make believer.

“I’m a movie star, my impulse is always to clear up the truth in my mind, to make it better.

He continues: “My fantasy life, while in some ways protecting me, also caused me to feel more guilt and shame and self-loathing.

“All fantasies eventually fail.”

“No matter how hard you fight, the truth is undefeated. Reality remains the undisputed champ.”

Captioning the Instagram video he said: “When I talk about certain things in my memoir, I’m not talking about theory.

“I’m talking about experience.

“I’ve learned, fought, suffered, and reflected and now hope the fruits of my journey will be the lessons I pass on to those who need it as we move into a new year.

“Happy New Year y’all! :-)”

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