Smoke and Flames Seen in Southwestern New Mexico as Black Fire Surpasses 120 Square Miles

Smoke and flames were seen from Mimbres, New Mexico, as the Black fire grew to over 77,000 acres, local fire officials said on Wednesday, May 18.

This footage, captured by Instagram user @kneelingnunsoapworks, shows scenes near the Gila National Forest on Tuesday.

According to local news reports and fire officials, the blaze grew rapidly due to winds and low humidity.

As of Wednesday, the Black fire burned 77,929 acres (121 square miles) and was zero percent contained. Credit: @kneelingnunsoapworks via Storyful

Video transcript

- Just so you know, we're en-route to [INAUDIBLE].

- OK. Are you guys leaving the Wilderness Ranger District?

- Negative. We're near [INAUDIBLE] Canyon.

- OK. Yeah, it'll probably be another 45 minutes before it clears [INAUDIBLE].

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