This Smuggler Modified His Trousers To Try And Bring Booze Into Saudi Arabia... (He Failed)

A Saudi man was busted trying to smuggle 12 bottles of booze back into his home country - after he stashed them in modified trousers under his robe.

The man, who has not been named, was stopped as he was walking along the 16-mile-long King Fahd Causeway that links Bahrain with Saudi Arabia.

Customs officers patted him down after spotting that he was walking suspiciously.

And they were stunned to find that he’d added pockets to his trousers so he could secretly carry them underneath.

Alcohol is banned in Saudi Arabia, and anyone caught trying to break the law faces tough penalties.

The man is now facing jail time for allegedly trying to smuggle the drink in, it’s reported.

It’s not clear exactly what kind of alcohol he was carrying.

But Saudi customs chief Daifallah Al Otaibi said examples of men attempting to smuggle alcohol into the country were rare.

And he said that, even when caught, it rarely involved such large amounts.

Bahrain is often branded the “brothel of the Gulf” and has comparatively lax laws with regards to alcohol.

(Pictures credited to CEN)