Snake Catcher Removes Hitchhiking Reptile Hiding Under Motorcycle Seat

A snake catcher was filmed removing a common tree snake from under the seat of a motorcycle at a property in Galston, New South Wales.

Sean Cade was called to a property and found the snake resting inside the Harley Davidson. Video shows Cade carefully taking off the motorcycle seat before slowly pulling the reptile from the bike.

Cade told Storyful the snake bit his finger in the process. “It seemed quite comfortable under the seat and was not very impressed with being removed and was a little cranky about it,” he said.

“This dude wanted to go for a ride on a Harley Davidson in Galston,” Cade wrote on a Facebook post containing this video. “The homeowners didn’t think that was a good idea so they called us to Remove the Hitch-hiker.” Credit: Sean Cade via Storyful

Video transcript


- [INAUDIBLE] just clip off.

- It's all right.

- [INAUDIBLE]. And then I've got to pull it back [INAUDIBLE].

- You're ready?

- Are you videoing?

- Perfect.

- [INAUDIBLE], what's that?

- No, here I am.


- Yes.

- [INAUDIBLE]. I don't need to do anything [INAUDIBLE]

- You're ready?


- There is--

- He's on [INAUDIBLE] your head here.

- [INAUDIBLE], nice.


- So when they get agitated, they swell up. And then you'll get the light blues scales coming through.

- Yeah.

- Any one [INAUDIBLE] come on. Where is your head?

- Yeah, because I went to the toolbox, and I heard this-- [KERTHUNK]. And I went, [MUTED]. Yeah, there you go.