Snake Catcher Removes Reptiles From Electrical Box and Bird Aviary

A snake catcher had a busy day removing a reptile from an electrical box and another snake in a bird aviary in Tanawha, Queensland.

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 said he was called to a home on May 5 where he found a snake hiding in an electrical box.

In a video, McKenzie carefully removes the lid of the electrical box before retrieving the common tree snake.

“It’s fairly alert, sort of wondering what’s going on, probably because he can’t see the world,” McKenzie says in the video as he holds the snake.

McKenzie was then called to another home to remove a brown tree snake from a bird aviary where the reptile had eaten one of the finches. “Don’t you dare bite me,” McKenzie says in the clip. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

- Yeah, the switchboards is here, mate.

STUART MCKENZIE: OK, so you saw him last in there?

- Yeah. He must come in from the back there somewhere.

STUART MCKENZIE: So, how to get him out?


STUART MCKENZIE: Here we go. That's where I want you. Hey, bud. There we go. Got there eventually.

He's actually opaque, so he's about the shed his skin. You can see his eyes are a little bit opaque, like a bluey, cloudy color. He's fairly alert, wondering what's going on. It's probably because he can't really see that well.

Oh, this [INAUDIBLE]?

- Yeah


- He's just curled up asleep. So he would have got through the gap here, because I got it pretty small.

STUART MCKENZIE: Yeah, you've done really well.

- Yeah.

STUART MCKENZIE: [INAUDIBLE] that's little brown tree snakes.

- That's it and he's not that big.

STUART MCKENZIE: Yeah, he can basically squeeze through that sort of gap like that. Why don't you come, bud. This is certainly not a baby. Is there definitely one missing? Oh yeah.

- It's only one of the little musk finches.


STUART MCKENZIE: Could it have happened a few days ago?

- Yes, potentially.

STUART MCKENZIE: Yeah, because I reckon it's already a few days into digesting, because you'd think there'd be a bigger bump than that

- Yeah.

STUART MCKENZIE: They're cool.

- He's lovely.

STUART MCKENZIE: They're cool snakes. Don't you dare bite me. No. Oh, you sneaky [MUTED]. [INAUDIBLE].

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