Snake Catcher Seizes Reptile From Escape Hole After Multiple Attempts

A snake catcher made multiple attempts to retrieve a snake that was hiding in a hole in Nambour, Queensland, video showed.

Stuart McKenzie posted a video on his Facebook page that shows him capturing an eastern brown snake.

After two failed attempts, McKenzie locates the snake resting at the bottom of a tree trunk. On his third attempt, he patiently waits before seizing the snake near the escape hole.

“Thank goodness for that. That was worth the wait, " McKenzie says in the video as he secures the snake in his bag. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

STUART MCKENSIE: Is he still out?

- I haven't checked in the last 10 minutes.

STUART MCKENSIE: That's all right.

- [INAUDIBLE] wood.

STUART MCKENSIE: I think it is actually. Can I come from below?

- Yeah, [? there's only one ?] [INAUDIBLE].

STUART MCKENSIE: Where's its head at? It's blocking that hole. Where'd he go? [BLEEP]. Oh, I had a chance then too. [BLEEP]. [? There's ?] [? like ?] tunnels everywhere.

Heading back towards the hole now. The problem I've got here is so there's a hole just there so 6 inches in front of the snake's head. Down there is just thick bush.

I've got all this debris between me and the snake. As soon as I make one step forward, the snake's going to bolt in the hole. And we're just sort of shuffling around. I'm going to have to go here if he puts his head back in that hole.

Hold up, here we go. Thank goodness for that. You're all right, buddy. Hey, get down. Get down. I should have brought my bag with me. You're all right. So the snake's actually opaque which kind of helped my situation. Thank goodness for that. Far out. Well, that was worth the wait.

All right, I've got Mr. Opaque Brown snake here a nice sort of creaky area behind us with a bit of bush. It's quite damp through here, which will help the-- Oh, there he goes. He's keen to go. He's cruising through there. Perfect. But that'll help him shed his skin in there. It's a little bit moist and still cold, but he'll be happy.

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