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A distressed squirrel found himself stuck in a toilet – how he got there is anyone’s guess. (SWNS)

There’s a snake in my dishwasher! RSPCA reveals weirdest animal rescues of 2018

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

Animals can get themselves into all sorts of sticky situations – but the RSPCA are always there to give a helping hand.

Hapless pets and wild animals got trapped in some very bizarre places in 2018 – before being freed by baffled rescuers.

The RSPCA has now compiled the oddest rescues of 2018, that include a squirrel which fell down the loo, a snake in a dishwasher and a chubby dog stuck between a wall and fence.

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The charity was also called to rescue wild animals which had got into scrapes, including a muntjac deer from a narrow gap behind a garage in Bedworth, Warks.

More than one million calls are made to the RSPCA each year to report animals in need of help.

Here are the just some of the weirdest from last year.