Snapchat spectacles: Snap releases new limited edition camera glasses with fun 3D effects

Amelia Heathman

Snapchat’s parent company Snap has dropped a new version of its camera glasses: Spectacles 3.

The snap-happy specs have undergone a serious upgrade for the next iteration, featuring two HD cameras for the first time. Having an extra camera means wearers will be capture images in 3D and transform them with 3D effects in the Snapchat app.

Whenever you take a picture using the Spectacles 3, the HD image will transfer to the Memories section of the Snapchat app where you can edit it using lighting, landscapes and other effects. Once you export the picture to the camera roll, you can then share it as a Story or send as a message, or save on your phone.

Whilst the first-generation and second-generation Spectacles were made of plastic, the V3 frames are made out of a strong, lightweight steel with adjustable tip. There’s two colour options: carbon, which is black with a semi-matte finish and glossy details, and mineral, which has a hint of gold on the frame.

The new Spectacles 3 are available in black and a gold-type design (Snap)

The case has been upgraded too, it’s now made out of full-grain leather. This wouldn’t look out of place next to a classic Ray-Bans case and it can store up to four charges too.

Two additional microphones have been added to the glasses to bring the total up to four, in order to improve the sound capture during videos. Tap the button to record up to 60 seconds of HD video, or press and hold for a still image. For anyone worried that someone could be recording them without realising, there is an LED light that notifies the subject when they’re being recorded.

The new Spectacles 3 will ship this autumn and can be pre-ordered at Be warned, Snap says it is only doing a “limited run” of this version. The price will certainly put people off: last year’s version cost £149.99 but thanks to all those improvements, Snap has more than doubled the cost to substantial £330.

Making your sunglasses work twice as hard is becoming more of a trend. Earlier this year, Bose released its Frame sunglasses, which use bone-conducting tech to beam music into your ears without the need for an extra gadget. The Frames have hands-free controls too, with a gold control button for power, Siri and Google Assistant as well as calls.