Snapchat's 'fluttery eyelashes' filter for Women’s Day backfires

Snapchat's 'fluttery eyelashes' filter for Women’s Day backfires

A Snapchat filter celebrating International Women’s Day backfired after users criticised the inclusion of “fluttery eyelashes and make-up”.

The messaging app created three filters for the global day celebrating the achievements of women, paying tribute to American civil rights activist Rosa Parks, physicist Marie Curie and Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

However, the filter hit a bum note on social media, with some users questioning why it was necessary to add make-up to the Marie Curie filter.

Amy Brown tweeted: “The Marie Curie Snapchat lens makes (your) face thinner and gives (you) full eye makeup. Thank GOD, wouldn't want to be an ‘unhot’ scientist.”

While Maya Kosoff‏ wrote: “I guess I was out sick the day in AP Chem when we learned how Marie Curie loved a good smoky eye. Were the beakers not enough??”

“For #InternationalWomensDay Snapchat has a Marie Curie filter ... that smoothes the complexion and gives you long, fluttery eyelashes?!” posted Lindsey Bowers.

Another user asked: “I appreciate the effort @Snapchat but why add the makeup to the Marie Curie filter?”

“As a lady scientist I’m confused about why this filter needs to include makeup … you can’t even wear makeup in a clean room and do you think Marie Curie was focused on eyeliner?” said another tweet.

It’s not the first Snapchat filter to cause controversy, last year the app came under fire for a Bob Marley 'blackface' filter.

Snapchat has been contacted for a comment on the filters. 

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