Snoop Dogg greeted in Scotland with bagpipe rendition of his iconic rap song

 (Ross Ainslie/Instagram)
(Ross Ainslie/Instagram)

Snoop Dogg was welcomed to Scotland with a bagpipe version of his famous track with Dr Dre. Still D.R.E.

The rapper was greeted by Perthshire bagpiper Ross Ainslie as he touched down in Glasgow.

As Ainslie played the unique rendition of the hit track, a delighted Snoop did his signature dance, the Crip Walk, and gave the bagpiper a thumbs up before getting into his awaiting vehicle.

Piper told STV News: “I only had one day to figure it out.

“I was looking at tunes online and it was the first one I found, so that’s what I went with.

He continued: “I spent all day yesterday just trying to work out how to play it.

“There’s that incredibly catchy piano hook that I decided to go with, and it seemed to work out quite well.

“He said, while we were taking the picture, that it was ‘dope as f***’. It’s a win in my eyes.”

The star arrived in Glasgow early on Thursday, ahead of his show at the Hydro, which was originally scheduled for August 2022.

He also posted a video of the moment to his Instagram page, which garnered hundreds of thousands of comments and likes, with many praising Ainslie’s skill in the tribute.

The rapper captioned the clip: “Just touched down in Scotland.”

The bag piper’s upcoming album, DIAD, is out March 25.