Snow falls in Scotland in June as temperatures set to remain low

Snow has fallen in Scotland in a complete weather transformation just two days after glorious sunshine hit the country over the weekend.

It may seem unbelievable but snow and hail have been captured in a white scene in the Cairngorms on Tuesday afternoon, June 4, near Aviemore where the temperature will dip down to just 2C tonight.

It's a sharp contrast to Saturday and Sunday where the warmer weather compared to the same temperatures witnessed in Barcelona.

Forecasters have warned that Scotland was set to cool significantly with rain and wind expected as well as snow on higher ground.

Experts say that while we don't expect the conditions in early summer, snow at this time of year "isn't completely unusual".

Snow in the Cairngorms -Credit:Peter Jolly
Snow in the Cairngorms -Credit:Peter Jolly

Temperatures dropped on Tuesday due to a bout of low pressure migrating from the Arctic. A band of rain has spread south and eastwards through the day, but colder weather is expected to become more widespread later this evening "with a risk of blustery, heavy showers".

It comes just days after the Met Office announced the UK had its warmest May and Spring on record, according to provisional figures.

A Met Office Spokesperson said: “While it may not have felt like it for many, with sunshine in relatively short supply, provisional figures show May was the warmest on record in our series back to 1884. This warmth was especially influenced by high overnight temperatures, with the average UK minimum temperature for May 1.2C higher than the previous record.

“Rainfall was above average for the UK, while some areas in the south saw over a third more rain than average. In contrast, Northern Ireland and Scotland were slightly drier than average in the month.”

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