Up to Snow Good! Mischievous Bear Wrecks Kid's Snowman

A mischievous bear destroyed a child’s snowman at a North Vancouver home on November 7.

Footage from Keith Mewis shows the bear rolling around his family’s backyard with a large ball of snow, which had once been been a snowman built by his five-year-old son and two cousins.

Mewis told Storyful that they had built the snowman – complete with a pebble face and a “perfect carrot for a nose” – after getting a “light dusting of snow” the previous day.

He said that while his son was at school the next day, his two year-old-daughter alerted them to a “big bear” outside.

“My wife looked out to see it playing with the snowman! The bear was rolling the snowballs around, and picking up the traffic cone hat with his paws,” Mewis said.

He said the bear was playing for about 15 minutes before the family yelled at it to go away, and it “lumbered off” on its own without even eating the carrot. Credit: Keith Mewis via Storyful