Snow leopard escapes after attacking farmer's sheep in China

A snow leopard escaped after attacking the farmer's sheepfold in Pingliang Kongtong District, Daqin Town, Gansu province. From the CCTV footage captured near Ms. Sun’s sheepfold, the snow leopard was seen slowly approaching the sheep, attacking a lamb and arriving at the farmer’s yard with the dead lamb between its teeth. Ms. Sun and her husband heard the noises from the sheepfold and turned on the lights at the yard only to find the 2m-long snow leopard staring at them. The couple was terrified and too scared to do anything. After a while, the snow leopard dropped the lamb and escaped after leaping over the 2.5m-high yard wall. According to the couple, the dead lamb was about 70 centimeters long and weighed at least 5kg. Paw prints and scratches left by leopards can be clearly seen on the ground near the sheepfold and on the concrete wall of the courtyard. Outside the sheepfold, in the middle of the yard, there was blood from the dead lamb. Bao Xinkang, a teacher at the College of Life Sciences of Lanzhou University, examined the surveillance footage and identified the animal as a snow leopard, which is an endangered species. It is a rare large cat carnivore that often lives near the snow line and between snow areas. According to Bao, snow leopards may have spread from the eastern end of the Qilian mountains to the northern part of Jingyuan and then to the northern part of the Liupan mountains. The habitat of the species has expanded significantly in recent years. New sightings have even been reported in Inner Mongolia and southern Gansu in the past years. This is the first time for a snow leopard to be spotted in the upper reaches of Jinghe river on the Loess plateau. The video was filmed on May 28 and provided by local media with permission.

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