Snowboarder Towed Behind Car Through Snowy Chicago Streets

A man snowboarded his way down a snowy Chicago street on January 30 while being towed by a car.

Rashaad Middleton, who features in this video, told Storyful the “snow was coming down like crazy all day” and the city’s plows were yet to clear his street.

“I love snowboarding,” he said. “So I thought it would be cool if I had my girlfriend pull me behind my car. I got all my gear set up and we hit the streets!”

This footage shows Middleton gliding across the snow-blanketed street while holding onto a rope. His girlfriend, Kendra, said she was cautious of going too quickly at first but that swiftly changed after Middleton urged her to speed up.

“Minutes later he told me ‘Go faster, faster!’” she said. “So I pulled out my phone, hung it out the window, and hit the gas!” Credit: Rashaad Middleton via Storyful