Snowbombing 2017: Snowboarders take to the slopes in the dark

Rikki-Lee Bevan

Two professional stunt snowboarders have taken to the slopes in Austria in the dark, no less, to mark the start of mountain festival Snowbombing.

Steve Gruber and Chris Kroll lit up the mountain in specially designed LED suits and helmets and made their descent on boards also covered in the lights.

If that wasn’t crazy enough the only light they had guiding them down the mountain was an LED perimeter line-light.

The snow boarders also coordinated their descent to music and miraculously hung on to Sony XB40 speakers as well as showing off their skills as they performed tricks on the run, while the lights on their suits, strobe flash and speakers synchronised to the beat.

Gruber and Kroll make their descent (Sony Europe)

One reveller at the event said, “I’ve never experienced anything quite like it – I heard the music coming down the mountain first, and then saw the two illuminated boarders. Their suits were awesome and meant we could all see them performing tricks as they made their way down.”

Watch the video above to see the snowboarders in action.

We would advise that you don’t try snowboarding down a snowy mountain in the dark.