Snowman Meets Cruel End as It's Hit by Driver in Yorkshire

Staff at a building supplies company in West Yorkshire were rather proud of the two-meter snowman they built during the recent cold snap. Alas, their new pal came to a shocking end, when he was run over by a passing driver during the night.

CCTV footage from Farmac Building Supplies, in Pudsey, shows the work of what the company called “heartless undesirables” who first drove their SUV into the snowman, then even turned around to drive back over its remains. The video then cuts to Joe Hunt, a yard supervisor at the company, dropping to his knees in mock anguish the next morning.

“We proudly exhibited the snowman alongside our company mascot Maccy Bear,” social media manager James Casey told Storyful.

“The next day we arrived at work to find it destroyed so decided to look at CCTV footage to investigate,” he said. “The video shows the destruction by heartless undesirables and we actually burst out laughing and thought it would be funny to make a video showing deep sorrow.” Credit: Farmac Building Supplies via Storyful