SNP Candidate Aged 20 Who Beat Douglas Alexander Is UK's Youngest MP In 348 Years

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When the SNP's Mhairi Black takes her seat at Westminster, she will be the youngest MP to do so since the 17th century.

At 20, the politics student has defeated a Labour heavyweight - taking Paisley and Renfrewshire South from Douglas Alexander, who was first elected when she was just a toddler.

The Partick Thistle football fan, who is in her final year at Glasgow University, says she has always been politically motivated 'particularly for the pursuit of social justice'.

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In her victory speech, she said: "Whether you voted for the SNP or not, and whatever your views are on Scotland’s future, I will seek to represent you and everyone in this constituency to the very best of my ability.'

This election is about making the voice of this constituency and the whole of Scotland heard more effectively at Westminster than ever before."

Black attracted attention early in her campaign when the SNP faced calls to sack her as a candidate in February after footage of her speaking at a pro-independence rally in October last year showed her labelling some of those who rejected independence as 'gullible' and 'selfish'.

She later insisted she had changed her attitude towards No voters when she was challenged about the language she had used.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon with Mhairi Black (second right). (PA)
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon with Mhairi Black (second right). (PA)

Ms Black also raised the hackles of Labour heavyweight Gordon Brown, who resurrected a video featuring the SNP candidate boasting that a sizeable bloc of MPs at Westminster will hand the SNP 'the power to twist their arm and to get that other referendum'.

Speaking in Elderslie, the former prime minister said: 'She says vote SNP, get SNP MPs at Westminster and we will twist their arms and get another referendum.'

He added: 'What they want is an SNP vote not to deliver social justice, but to deliver the chaos and constitutional crisis at Westminster to, as she said, force a second referendum.'

Douglas Alexander was defeated in Scotland (BBC/PA)
Douglas Alexander was defeated in Scotland (BBC/PA)

The SNP firmly denied Ms Black was agitating for another referendum, insisting that she was arguing for devolution of the right to hold another referendum at a time of Scotland's choosing, rather than requiring Westminster's permission.

Ms Black was also forced to discuss her Twitter history - which she has been using since she was 14 - after writing in unfavourable terms about how she 'hated' Celtic.

In an interview this week, she admitted she wrote 'daft stuff' on the site as a teenager.

As well as tidying up her Twitter account, she has also spoken about how she has had to 'smarten up' her dress sense to represent a wide range of people.

She spent much of her campaign talking about getting rid of 'career politician' Mr Alexander, saying she hated the idea of becoming an MP for a career.

She has clearly reached out to thousands of new voters.

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