SNP must get over election humiliation and start improving public services

-Credit: (Image: Perthshire Advertiser)
-Credit: (Image: Perthshire Advertiser)

The SNP is in danger of tearing itself apart instead of focusing on delivering improved public services.

The Nationalists remain a party of Government despite their disastrous performance at the general election.

John Swinney remains First Minister and his SNP Cabinet team are still in charge of a huge swathe of institutions including our NHS and schools.

Now is the time for his party to double-down on improving public services and showing Scots they can still be trusted on the issues that matter.

But instead there is a real risk the SNP becomes engulfed in a row over who should be blamed for it returning just nine MPs last week, down from 48 at the previous general election.

Many in the party had tried to convince themselves that repeated opinion polls predicting a Scottish Labour landslide were either wrong or exaggerated.

They hoped to return at least 20 MPs - still a huge drop, but a respectable number within the corridors of Westminster.

To be reduced to single figures is a humiliation.

It’s understandable the SNP needs to review its campaign and members are given the opportunity to have a discussion on where it went wrong But the Scottish Government’s failure to protect or improve public services should not be ignored.

Obsessing over the Westminster voting system can’t hide the SNP’s record at Holyrood.

Ministers must be focused on reducing waiting times, not settling scores over an election result.

Scotland needs a working government, not a party at war with itself.

Promising start from Starmer

Labour was founded to get a better deal for working people.

Critics have regularly tried to claim over the years the party has moved away from that ideal.

So it’s pleasing to hear the new Labour Government at Westminster will move quickly to expand workers’ rights within 100 days.

Anas Sarwar writes in today’s Record how there will be an end to exploitative zero hour contracts, ending fire and rehire, and expanding access to sick pay.

The Low Pay Commission will be tasked with setting a genuine living wage that takes account of the cost of living.

These are exactly the kinds of policies that will make a real difference to people’s lives across the country.

Tackling low pay and protecting society’s most vulnerable are two things the last Tory Government repeatedly failed to do.

Delivering for working people is what the Labour party is all about. It’s a promising first step for Keir Starmer.

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