Very comic-al! Are these the funniest kids in Britain?

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Let there Beano-mistake, these kids are very funny (Image: Euan Cherry)
Let there Beano-mistake, these kids are very funny (Image: The Beano)

The children of Class 5B from Forthill Primary School in Dundee have been named as the nation's funniest kids, after the Beano launched its third annual competition to find Britain’s funniest class earlier this year.

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5B won the judges over with their oh-so-topical joke:

“What did the facemask say to the mouth? Let me cover for you!”

Ten schools were originally shortlisted by a comedy panel from the comic, before the public voted for the overall winners - who have now been immortalised in the latest edition of The Beano, out now.

The legendary class 5B at Forthill Primary school (Image: The Beano)
The legendary class 5B at Forthill Primary school (Image: The Beano)

The class also won themselves a bundle of Beano goodies, including comic subscriptions for the whole class and a selection of books, and got their hands on the Beano's ‘Britain’s Funniest Class’ trophy.

In second place, Greystones Primary School in Sheffield came up with another zinger which tickled the judges' sense of humour:

"What did the teacher say to the comic lover as a punishment? There will Beano comics for you."

And in at number three came St John the Baptist Primary, from Leicester, with their quip:

“Where's the best place to take a dog for a walk? Leeds.

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Mike Stirling, Editorial Director at Beano Studios said, “Beano is always there for kids seeking a joke to share with their friends and these new gags will continue to bring laughs to friends and families this summer.

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"We've learned our greatest gags have always come from kids themselves and Britain's Funniest Class has schooled us yet again, raising some much-needed chuckles in classrooms. With the summer holidays coming Beano can't guarantee sun, but we 100% promise fun!”

A funny joke in progress (Image: The Beano)
A funny joke in progress (Image: The Beano)

The Beano, famous for characters such as Dennis the Menace and The Bash Street Kids, has been published weekly since 30th July 1938.

You can take a deep dive into the comic's anarchic world at new exhibition Beano: The Art of Breaking The Rules, which is coming to London's Somerset House between October and March.

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