Sobering moment lady with Alzheimer's has a conversation with herself after not recognising her reflection in the mirror

SWFHmirror - By Harrison Moore This is the moment a lady with Alzheimer's had a conversation with herself - after not recognising her reflection in the mirror. Betty Pettit, 84, was on vacation with her family in Garden City, South Carolina when she got confused by the full length mirror in one of the bedrooms. The mum of three lives with her son Joshua Pettit, 46, and her husband Bob Pettit, 84, who each share the responsibility of looking after her on a day to day basis. Seven years ago Betty was diagnosed with lung and kidney cancer, but after having the affected organs successfully removed, she was then diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Over the years Betty, a stay at home mum, has got progressively worse and she is now in a constant state of confusion. In the video, Betty can be seen addressing herself in the mirror as if she was talking to someone she'd met for the first time. She then proceeds to have a full blown conversation with her reflection asking herself 'are you Betty too?' before saying good night and going to bed. This isn't the first time something like this has happened due to Betty's deteriorating condition, but Joshua says over time they've learnt to deal with her states of confusion. Joshua, from Mooresville, North Carolina, said: "We don't have a full length mirror like that at home so I think that's definitely what confused her. "Betty has become progressively worse since her diagnosis but were doing our best to keep her with us. "She is stuck in a constant loop, so it's at the point now where it's better to just go along with her and let her be happy, rather than challenge what she says or does. "There has always been this silliness in our family which helps us get through the tough times, especially with me and my dad. "It's best to take moments like this lightly because otherwise we'd be constantly upset - were just grateful to still have her with us. "We've hired some help for the new year, but we have no intention of putting her in a home - we'll be there for her whenever she needs us for as long as we can be." The video was filmed November 27. ENDS