A new social care strategy for South Lanarkshire has been launched

-Credit: (Image: Copyright Unknown)
-Credit: (Image: Copyright Unknown)

A new strategy has been approved to further improve the commitment to unpaid carers across South Lanarkshire.

At a recent meeting of the South Lanarkshire Integration Joint Board, members supported a fresh new strategy to support carers.

The plan has been co-designed by South Lanarkshire University Health and Social Care Partnership officers, partner agencies and carers themselves to set out solid plans for carers.

Chair of the IJB, Lesley McDonald, said: “Having collaborated closely with carers to develop the strategy, we believe that this approach will make a real and sustainable difference to the lives of carers and in turn those they care for.

“All IJB members were delighted to support a strategy that’s based on real life experience and exemplary partnership working.”

The strategy works on the 2019 to 2022 plan and the framework for delivering improved support and services to people who provide unpaid care in South Lanarkshire, the plan also recognises the challenges that unpaid carers face.

South Lanarkshire University HSCP commissioned two key organisations to provide a huge variety of support and service to adults and young carers, these include Lanarkshire Carers (adult carers’ services) and Action for Children (young carers services).

Professor Sengupta, Chief Officer of the IJB, said: “We will continue to work together to strengthen our planning and investment and use our resources efficiently to provide support and services to carers. Supports range from respite, wellbeing and counselling to and training and representation, giving carers a voice.

“Every case and story of someone carrying out a caring role is different. Indeed, many people who are caring for a loved one or someone close to them do not identify themselves as a carer.

“We remain absolutely committed to making the best use of the resources that we do have, and to working with partners to promote the advice and supports that are available for unpaid carers within South Lanarkshire.”

The existing carer representative on the IJB, Linda Craig, plays a key role in the Carers Partnership.

Her work includes representing and championing carers involvement as equal partners and also contributing to good governance ensuring integration authorities implement their statutory obligations.

She said: “Having been a carer, I understand in these difficult times the impact the caring role can have on unpaid carers in South Lanarkshire. I now support carers to raise awareness in terms of the Carers Implementation Act 2016, and other matters that are of importance to them in their caring role.

“It’s vitally important that we continue to recognise the invaluable contribution unpaid carers make in our community.

“We will continue to build on this collaboration with health and social care colleagues, wider partners in the third sector and carers to achieve positive outcomes for carers in South Lanarkshire.”

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