Social Distancing (and These 9 Products) Completely Transformed My Hair This Summer

Danielle Jackson

Social distancing is probably the best thing that's happened to my hair in a while. There, I said it. Unlike some of my peers, who have admitted on numerous occasions that the events of the last few months - namely working from home and sheltering in place - have caused them to focus a lot less on hair care, I've noticed that social distancing in the wake of the pandemic has motivated me to put a lot more effort into my hair-care journey.

Just to give a little background, before mostly being bound to the house, I typically wore protective styles like braids, wigs, and weaves. While that's definitely OK, a major problem I had with this was neglecting to properly moisturize and take care of my hair while it was tucked away in these low-maintenance styles. That in mind, I decided to spend a bulk of my time at home over the summer really learning my hair and how it behaves so I can give it what it needs. This goes beyond throwing on a few reparative hair masks every once in a while; I've been able to use this time to create (and commit to) a real wash-day regimen for myself, the result of which is some of the healthiest hair I've had in years.

Read ahead to see some of the hair products I've been leaning on to keep my hair shiny, healthy, and moisturized.