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This popular foot peel mask is the best kind of gross — and it's on sale for $17

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Dry, flaky toes? Scaly heels? Calluses on the balls of your feet? We all have them. I've inherited my particularly dry feet from my mother, whose feet I've dubbed "the crusties." If you're looking to get those tootsies in better shape for your summer sandals, there's a solution. Amazon has a great deal on top-selling Soft Touch exfoliating foot peels — you'll get two pairs for just $17 (was $26) when you apply the on-page coupon.

Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask

$1,700 at Amazon

A magical blend of botanical extracts slough away the dead skin on your feet and repair cracked heels.

Soft Touch has won the hearts (toes?) of nearly 11,000 five-star reviewers. This shopper was compelled to take care of her mom's "crusties" as well: "I bought this for my mom and I, but mostly for my mom... I was very confident it was going to work but she thought I wasted my money. But it was the opposite... She is definitely in love and she wants me to buy extras for the future!"

Make sure to check out the videos: Watching the skin sloughing off like a snake in the wild will be the schadenfreude your twisted mind craves. For $11, you can get that satisfying just-shed-your-exoskeleton feeling too — twice! That's right, this kit includes two pairs, so you can shed that layer and then do it again when those baby-soft feet toughen up from all the wear and tear you put them through.

Things you can feel good about:

The dermatologist-tested ingredients, including aloe, hydrating antimicrobial glycerol, and natural acids will set your mind at ease. And they're cruelty-free, too.

American family-owned and operated, Soft Touch was designed by a licensed skincare professional.

Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask
Prepare to be disgusted...in a good way. (Photo: Amazon)

This mask is wild — no more tickly or painful scraping at the salon — just wrap em' and let this formula do the work. The booties fit up to size 11 men's feet, so the whole family can be baby soft!

They take a few days to kick in — in about a week or two the shedding will begin and your feet will be reborn. This reviewer shared: "Fantastic product! I found that it worked as well, if not better, than foot peels that cost much more, the only difference is that this seems to be more of a liquid than a gel. Please keep it in mind that all of these peels take several days to work their magic, so I recommend using them at least a week before sandal season. My hard-working retail feet are now baby soft and ready for my beach vacation, and I have a second set waiting in the wings when needed. I'll definitely purchase again!"

Feet with plastic foot peel masks on them
Just slip these on, wait a few days, and reveal brand new, crust-free feet. (Photo: Amazon)

This happy customer says it all:

Never has a foot care product taken me on such an emotional journey. Let’s go through the phases and emotions I experienced using this product.

1. Shame. I was ashamed of the condition my feet were in. Too bad for a pedicure, nobody wants these feet in their face.
2. Curiosity: Hmmm.... does this ACTUALLY work?
3. Bravery: Yep, I’m gonna buy it. Let’s do this.
4. Impatience: hurry and get here! I want to see if it really works!
5. Excitement: The package came! The package came!
6. Nervousness: You put them on your feet and nervously wait.
7. Stupidity: After a day or two, you’re convinced you got taken and it’s not working. You feel tricked, betrayed, humiliated.
8. Shocked: OMG, it’s working!
9. Nasty: This gets ugly. Real ugly, and you won’t believe how much you love the nasty sheets of skin falling off your feet.
20. Ashamed: You will feel ashamed for obsessing over your lizard-like shedding. It’s a disgusting thing of beauty.
21. Rebellion: They say not to pull the skin off. Yeah right, good luck with that. It’s satisfying as heck.
22. Sadness: It’s done. No more dead skin to stare at, pull at and be amazed by. You’ll miss it.
23. Joy: get ready for the softest happiest feet you’ll ever feel! And the best part is, in a month - you can do it all over again!

Another customer shared: "...I have war-torn feet and had developed deep calluses over the years by traveling and walking everywhere. I've tried everything — sandpaper, pumice, the 'cheese' grater, and other softening products. Nothing touched the calluses on my heels or on the sides of my feet... I used this [peel] and started seeing peeling about six days in...Many layers of skin came off my calluses with no pain and not much fuss."

This shopper saw results right away. "Wowza my feet already feel dry and tight, with dead skin more evident. I am so excited to see more since day one is already fascinating."

Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask

$1,700 at Amazon

A magical blend of botanical extracts slough away the dead skin on your feet and repair cracked heels.

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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