Software engineer has her workspace invaded by her unusual pet pigeon

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Watch as this software engineer is repeatedly bothered at work by her unusual pet, a PIGEON she found on the street.

In the video, Lucifer, a one-year-old female pigeon, can be seen pecking Alejandra Maggio, 34, on her wrist as she tries to complete a work project.

"She's a bit evil sometimes," the Buenos Aires-based software developer said.

"She's a bit of an ass**** really.

"Once, she typed code into my software and I couldn't find the bug.

"Another time, she even messaged a professor of mine.

"Usually she sits on her eggs and keeps to herself.

"Maybe once a month, she decides to hang out with me at work."

Maggio took Lucifer in when she came across the bird one day on her way home from work. 

"I saw a little pigeon squab missing half its feathers.

"I just reached my hand out to her and she hopped on, so I took her home and fed her and gave her medication.

"There's no way to tell if a baby pigeon is a boy or girl, so I gave her an angel's name. 

"That's how I came up with Lucifer." 

Usually, Lucifer just wants attention from her owner and only gives a few loving pecks here or there.

Sometimes, however, she can be a bit aggressive. 

"I also have two doves. 

"Lucifer can be a bit territorial. 

"The other day I had to pull her and the doves apart because she was sitting on a shelf the doves like." 

It seems that Lucifer, living up to her name, won't be satisfied until she's taken control over every area of Maggio's home.