Solar information session well attended

Jan. 16—GREENSBURG — At a well-attended information session Thursday, local landowners got to ask questions about a solar farm proposed in northeastern Decatur County.

Chicago-based RWE Clean Energy representatives hosted the two-hour session in the large conference room at the Greensburg Community Learning Center, answering questions and explaining various details of the project.

Around the room, storyboards were set up explaining various features of the project, and RWE representatives traveled the room answering questions.

The RWE Solar Farm Project involves 1,700 acres of farm ground directly north of Greensburg.

RWE proposes leasing the land monthly from the landowners and erecting solar panels on the acreage.

When the finished panels are in place (1 to 2 years after the project begins) the energy generated by the farm will go directly back into the electrical grid.

Questions like "How will it affect taxation?" and "What happens if RWE goes bankrupt?" were asked, with answers for some inquiries but not for others.

For the better part of the event, Senior Development Manager Francisco Galeano crouched over a table, pointing to details on large blueprints with many surrounding and listening.

No central presentation or announcement was made, the session being completely informal. Included on handouts from RWE was a proposed timeline for the project, with a 2025 start and 2026 for when the facility becomes fully operational. It should be noted this proposed project is far from a done deal. The effort is in the stages of development and several hurdles will need to be cleared for it to become a reality.

For more information about RWE Clean Energy, visit or contact Senior Development Manager Francisco Galeano at

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