Soldier who glassed man in beer garden brawl may have 'jeopardised career'

Benjamin Duxbury <i>(Image: Lancashire Police)</i>
Benjamin Duxbury (Image: Lancashire Police)

A soldier may have ‘jeopardised his career’ after smashing a glass over the neck of a man in an unprovoked attack pub beer garden.

Benjamin Duxbury, 31, went to the Old Toll Bar pub, Blackburn, on May 2, 2021, for a few drinks, Preston Crown Court heard.

Prosecuting, Emma Kehoe said at about 2.30pm, Duxbury was in the Accrington Road pub's beer garden drinking a pint.

CCTV showed in court captured him suddenly push Corey McKay to the ground, with an argument starting which quickly calmed down after one of the bartenders gets between the two.

Duxbury then got angry again and pushed two women to the ground as he lashed out.

Punters in the beer garden got involved and dragged him out of the beer garden through the side gate, but he then went back into the beer garden through a door.

He then proceeded to push another woman over before grabbing a glass and jumping on top of a bench.

He then jumped down and glassed Mr McKay to the neck, knocking his victim to the floor.

Lancashire Telegraph: Stills from the moment Duxbury glassed Mr McKay
Lancashire Telegraph: Stills from the moment Duxbury glassed Mr McKay

Stills from the moment Duxbury glassed Mr McKay (Image: Lancashire Police)

A huge fight then broke out between Duxbury and another man in the beer garden.

The day after the fight, the pub closed for the day before implementing new rules, including using plastic cups and having security guards at weekends.

Offering mitigation, Tom Lord said Duxbury was a father of three and is in a stable relationship.

Mr Lord said the victim, Mr McKay was not gravely injured by the incident, however, he accepted it could have been more serious.

Recorder Sophie Cartwright said Duxbury may have ‘jeopardised his career’ in the Army and he is lucky Mr McKay only suffered minor injuries in the ‘unprovoked attack’.

Ms Cartwright said: “You are removed from the garden and at that point the CCTV footage sees you go back into the garden and push another woman.

“You are captured aggressively climbing onto the table, brandishing a glass and jumping off.

“The victim is being pulled then you thrust the glass into his neck.

“It is not thrown, it is thrust into the neck.

“The glass shatters and caused two wounds to his neck.”

Duxbury, of Leach Street, Blackburn, was jailed for 21 months after pleading guilty to wounding without intent.