Solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn and to hell with useless Keir Starmer

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Jeremy Corbyn was ‘very shocked and disappointed’ at being suspended from the Labour Party (Getty Images)
Jeremy Corbyn was ‘very shocked and disappointed’ at being suspended from the Labour Party (Getty Images)

Labour leader Keir Starmer has been invisible and silent throughout the coronavirus crisis.

He has allowed an incompetent Tory government to stumble from one public health scandal to another without opposition.

Starmer has imposed a policy of abstention on the Labour Party, allowing such abominations as the “Spycops Bill” and the Overseas Operation Bill, which exempts British armed forces from prosecution for "actions" overseas to pass unopposed. 
It has been Marcus Rashford, not Starmer, who has fought for hungry children to be fed.
 It has been Andy Burnham, not Starmer, who has fought for more government funding over lockdown.

Starmer distanced himself from the magnificent Black Lives Matter movement contemptuously dismissing it as a “moment” not a “movement”.

Starmer has had nothing to say as desperate refugees and their children drown in the Channel, victims of the Tories’ “hostile environment”.

Starmer is silent and bereft of ideas in the face of a second Covid-19 wave and the economic tsunami it brings in its wake.

But Starmer has roused himself to suspend the principled and life-long anti-racist Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party.

Sir Keir Starmer QC KCB is the leader of an "opposition" that refused to oppose anything except socialists and socialism.

All Starmer is capable of is carrying out the shameful project of the Labour right-wing to “break Corbyn as a man".  

Sir Keir Starmer QC KCB is the leader of an "opposition" that refused to oppose anything except socialists and socialism.

Solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn and to hell with the useless Starmer.

Sasha Simic


Save actual lives

I read your editorial and agree with its comments that the government must act sooner rather than later, not to save Christmas but actual lives. Of course, there are all things at play in the dilemma, such as the hit to the economy and the injurious effect on peoples' lives of associated loneliness and alienation. But you only have to see victims of this cruel and deadly virus in hospital, struggling for breath and wreathed in tubes, to know that Covid-19 is not to be underestimated. So I would say to those Conservative backbench sceptics, get real and fully appreciate the seriousness of the ongoing and catastrophic situation. And yes of course Christmas will be different this year and this should be spelled out loud and clear by the prime minister and not give the nation false hope that it will be festivities as usual. There are war-torn areas of the world where a normal Christmas has not happened for years, so if we bypass this one, count our blessings, switch on Zoom and keep safe that will be the best present we are all likely to receive.

Judith A. Daniels


Kangaroo imports

How is it possible that the EU, where standards are relatively strict, is accepting kangaroo products, while Russia has expressed concerns and refused them? I am disgusted that these animals are being slaughtered in such inhumane ways in Australia and that the EU is happy to receive the end product, no questions asked. I have always assumed that regulations governing imports into the EU would have prevented this, but obviously not. Will we ban the import of butchered kangaroos when we leave with or without a deal? Are we to have better standards or worse? I have grave misgivings about the answer but I must live in hope that we refuse them outright.

Lynn Brymer


Captain Hindsight

And so now, belatedly (as ever), it seems that Johnson is set to announce another lockdown. If only he had the foresight of the man who at the start of this month he called “Captain Hindsight”.

Julian Self

Milton Keynes

President Macron

The cowardly decapitation of innocent people in France is utterly unforgivable. We stand in unity and solidarity with France in its dire hour. This is a horrific attack that has no religious basis. However, president Macron cannot hold the lantern of liberty, equality, fraternity, enlightenment in one hand while espousing hate speech and animosity in another one. The insulting cartoons ridiculing Prophet Muhammed are intended to sow the seeds of social discord and religious radicalism at a time when we need each other in the fight towards Covid-19 and other global challenges.

Dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob


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