A Saudi prince bought a seat for each of his 80 falcons on this plane

Just loads of falcons on a plane [Lensoo/Reddit]

Forget snakes, it’s all about falcons on a plane these days.

One Reddit user posted a photo of an airplane cabin full of hooded falcons, saying that a Saudi prince had bought each bird its own seat on the jet.

“My captain friend sent me this photo. Saudi prince bought ticket for his 80 hawks,” Reddit user Lensoo wrote alongside the picture.

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It’s quite a spectacle and has racked up thousands of comments and more than 85,000 upvotes on the message board site.

One falcon savvy commenter points out that it can’t possibly be a Qatar Airlines flight – since it only allows a maximum of six falcons in the cabin at any one time.

Quite a few falcons on this flight then [Reddit/Lensoo]

Falconry is a huge part of Arab heritage and culture, and remains a popular passtime in the United Arab Emirates, with the birds often used to hunt small game.

Travelling with them is not hugely uncommon – around 28,000 bird passports were reportedly issued to falcons between 2002 and 2013.

But quite why eighty of the birds were needed or where they were flying off to remains a mystery.