Someone has made beer out of sewage (but it’s pale ale, not brown)

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Would you consider drinking a pint knowing that some of the contents had already passed through someone else’s body?

San Diego’s Stone Brewing is giving beer fans the chance to do exactly that – with a beer made from treated sewage water.

The pale ale made from recycled water is called Full Circle – and is made from water treated at the city’s Pure Water demonstration plant.

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Tasters say that the beer is delicious – and (thankfully) doesn’t taste of its ingredients.

Posted by Kathleen Coates Hedberg on Thursday, March 16, 2017

Taster Shane Trussell told local station KGTV, ‘It’s outstanding… I thought it would have an off taste or be something different to it.’

The move is part of a shift towards using ‘recycled’ water in San Diego – where city authorities hope that one-third of all water will be recycled by 2035.

Stone Brewing COO Pat Tiernan says, ‘This particular water will just help us not require so much natural water to come in and give us a more reliable source.

‘So for us to be able to reuse, that’s part of our mantra, that’s part of what we do.’