Find someone who loves you like this cat loves its feline friend, freed from car captivity

A cat in Indonesia gave its feline friend some adorable TLC after he was freed from being stuck in a car on Friday 14 January. The ginger cat, called Golden, got trapped in its owner's car and was only found when someone spotted it scratching at the windscreen above the dashboard. The stressed feline then jumped from the car as soon as its owner opened the door. Hermansyah Hadis, the car and cat owner, admitted that he didn't know when the cat entered. According to him, he last opened the car door about half an hour ago. "I thought the cat entered when I took the bag in the passenger seat. Luckily you saw it and told me as soon as possible," Hadis said to Dina, who first spotted the stuck animal. The rescued cat was then thoroughly cuddled and licked by its friend, a white cat, to calm him down. The video was filmed in the car park of the Bukittinggi Press Club in West Sumatra province.

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