Someone ordered 2 shirts from Old Navy and got 40 pounds of security tags instead


Old Navy sent a customer 40 pounds of security tags and a coupon instead of the two shirts they’d ordered. (Photo: Getty Images)

By 2017, you would have thought that we had perfected online shopping. You can order groceries, same-day clothing delivery, and pretty much anything else your heart desires. But sometimes companies still manage to get online orders wrong.

As one user shared on Reddit, Old Navy is the latest company to ship out a complete fail of an order. “Ordered two shirts from Old Navy, received 40 pounds of security tags and a coupon,” wrote the poster. There’s no explanation as to why anyone would have wanted hundreds of security tags. And the customer can’t even use the coupon to go and buy the desired shirts — it’s expired.

A Reddit user received security tags and an expired coupon instead of the clothing order. (Photo: Reddit)

Apparently, nearly everyone has some sort of shipping-gone-wrong horror story. “I once ordered cup ramen from Amazon. I ended up getting a 5TB external hard drive. How do these mistakes get made, logistically?” wondered another Reddit user.

Asos is also known for shipping out highly confusing items. In 2016, the company sent out what the Daily Mail describes as “freakishly long jeans” to customer Micah Berteau.

The company insisted to Berteau that the long jeans weren’t a mistake, simply a “new style” for men’s jeans. Perhaps wearing dozens of security tags is a new style for Old Navy shoppers?

As frustrating as these order fails can be, there’s something slightly comforting and human about the occasional error. At least the robots won’t be taking over just yet.

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