Somerset to bask in sunshine this weekend as temperatures rise

Temperatures are set to increase this weekend
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Somerset is set to bask in temperatures as warm and sunny as Spain this weekend (Sunday, June 2), according to Devon-based Met Office forecasters. The county is predicted to experience sweltering temperatures comparable to those in Barcelona.

The current forecast suggests that Sunday will kick off with clear, sunny skies and temperatures in the low teens - around 12 at 7am. However, the mercury will rise rapidly, reaching 16 by 10am.

Between 1pm and 4pm, there may be some overhead cloud cover, but temperatures are expected to hover between 19 and 20. The warmth will break into the low 20s and stay there until at least 7pm, reports Bristol Live.

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As the night progresses, it's anticipated to cool down to 17, remaining in the mid-teens until early Monday (June 3) morning. As Somerset prepares to sizzle in the heat, the Met Office forecasts that the city will experience similar temperatures to sunny Barcelona.

The popular Spanish city is also expected to see temperatures in the low 20s on Sunday Barcelona's weather forecast for Sunday closely mirrors that of Bristol.

It will start out clear and sunny with temperatures of 17, before cloud cover moves in around 2pm. The temperature will peak at 20 during much of the afternoon, before cooling to 18 at 10pm.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist Helen Caughey said: “From Friday, we see a change in weather type, with conditions turning drier and more settled from the west. Although some showers are possible at times - most likely in the southeast initially and later in the weekend in the northwest - many should see a decent amount of sunshine.

“With the exception of the southeast at first, where it will be rather cool to start the weekend, temperatures are generally unremarkable for the time of year, close to or a little above average. However, it will feel a little warmer with light winds and prolonged sunny spells, generally away from windward coasts.”

South West weather forecast:

Today, Wednesday, May 29: There's a chance of dampness in west Cornwall initially. However, the day is set to be brighter with periods of cloudiness and isolated showers, although many areas will remain dry.

The sunshine will bring a warm feel, though it will become breezier as the day progresses. Expect a maximum temperature of 18 C.

Tonight: The day will mainly end on a dry note with some evening sunshine and just a few isolated showers. Overnight, there will be clear spells with an increasing likelihood of showers, which could turn heavy locally.

It will also become windier. The minimum temperature will be around 10 C.

Thursday: Thursday will be breezy and coastal areas can expect rather windy conditions. There will be sunny intervals and scattered showers, which will be heaviest in eastern areas.

The day will feel slightly cooler with a maximum temperature of 17 C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday: On Friday, there's a slight chance of a light shower but otherwise, high pressure will usher in dry and settled weather with periods of warm sunshine, occasional patchy clouds and light winds.