Somerset locals in uproar as man rescues VULTURE from Prague Zoo

Neighbours are in a flap after a man adopted a large VULTURE - which visits local homes and gardens and interrupts tea parties.

Alan Wells, 62, rescued Gilbert a year ago after the bird was headed for a life at Prague Zoo - which then closed during lockdown.

Gilbert - who has a 1.5m wingspan - now lives at Alan's home in Somerset but regularly flies off to visit locals in their gardens.

The large turkey vulture can fly up to ten miles and some neighbours have kicked up a stink.

One described Gilbert as looking like he's from 'the pits of hell' saying having it land in the garden was the 'scariest experience of my life'.

But Alan, who runs Pitcombe Rock Falconry, says Gilbert is harmless, tame - and just 'saying hello'.

Alan says Gilbert hasn't got sharp talons to do any damage saying pets and children aren't at risk.

Gilbert had been bound for Prague Zoo but when the attraction closed to visitors during the pandemic he was taken in by Mr Wells.

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