Somerset village of Liscombe is the wettest place in the UK

Simon Garner

The wettest place in Britain has been revealed as the tiny hamlet of Liscombe, in Somerset.

The picturesque Exmoor village received a whopping 291mm of rain in April, compared with its 86mm average for this time of year.

It's the most rainfall seen in the UK in a single month since records began some 20 years ago.

The village received an astonishing 45mm of rainfall in the space of 24 hours yesterday.

Keith Wade, from Liscombe Farm, said: "We would normally have had all the cattle and sheep out in the fields by now.

"But all the rain means we are having to bring them back indoors, with extra feed costs and higher costs all round."

A spokeswoman for Exmoor National Park Authority, who maintain the longest clapper bridge in the world, Tarr Steps, said that she had actually noticed the water level decrease over the last few days, despite the deluge of rain.

He said: "It's gone down quite a bit over the past few days, but this is pretty exceptional for this time of year, hopefully the worst is over now.

"There have been trees across the roads as well but people have been clearing them pretty quickly, so it's been dealt with really well.

"I don't think we've had much of a problem at Tarr Steps, but I also think people are pretty sensible and avoid it when the weather and the river levels are like this."

The figures, released by the Met Office, show that April was the wettest since records began in 1910.

A staggering 122mm of rain fell on average across the UK in April - significantly more than the 70mm normally expected for the month - beating the previous record of 120mm set in 2000.

This is a stark difference to March however, which was the fifth driest on record with less than half of the average 96 mm rainfall - only 36mm - falling.

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Temperatures were also below average, April only reaching a typical 6.1C, compared with March's 7.7C - and unlike previous years where temperatures regularly broke the 20C barrier, none of the more than 200 weather stations across the country recorded a temperature that high.

Dave Britton from the Met Office said the weather was not set to improve next month.

He said: "Unfortunately, it does look like the outlook remains rather unsettled.

"Further spells of rain to come certainly through May and remaining rather unsettled and temperatures a bit below average as well."

At the other end of the spectrum, Prestwick, in Ayrshire, saw just 39mm of rain and Skye saw only half of its monthly rainfall - with 52mm of its 100 average.