Son Surprises Parents by Returning for First Home Thanksgiving in Years

A Arizona man who said he hadn’t had a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving with his parents for at least four years surprised them ahead of a sports game in Avondale, footage shared on November 23 shows.

Jonathan Olivas told Storyful that he hadn’t spent the holiday with his mom and dad since he moved to Seattle several years ago.

However, this year he said he had saved enough vacation hours to plan a “Friendsgiving” in Arizona and decided to stay for the rest of the week to surprise his family.

“My sister picked me up from my friends and we went to her soccer game,” he told Storyful.

“She greatly emphasized to my parents to make it on time to her soccer game. When my parents parked, I was hiding in my sister’s car to walk up to them and surprise them,” he added.

Olivas captured his parents reaction in this video. Credit: Jonathan Olivas via Storyful

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