Song premiere: Gracie Abrams debuts song to benefit pediatric cancer

Wendy Geller
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams is partnering with the Bird & the Bee’s Inara George and Grammy-winning Greg Kurstin on the release of “Spark,” a song that was produced for the Pablove Foundation’s 2017 documentary-style short film. The song will launch during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit the Pablove Foundation, a nonprofit based in Los Angeles that raises money for pediatric cancer research.

Yahoo Music is pleased to debut the song, which will be released exclusively on Bandcamp, Tuesday Sept. 12. Proceeds will benefit pediatric cancer, which only receives 3 percent of cancer research moneys.

Seventeen-year-old Abrams has personal experience with the tragic effects of cancer, as well as the strength of those affected. “Having lost a close friend to cancer when I was 8 years old, I have seen, up close, the extraordinary courage and resilience of the kids and families who face this horrible disease,” she said. “I’m so grateful to have been offered the opportunity to support, in the smallest way, the loving and compassionate mission of the Pablove Foundation, and its work to lift up the bravest kids on earth.”

Gracie Abrams

“Spark” was used as the score on “Pablove One Another,” a documentary-style short film recently produced by filmmakers Tracy Pion and Michael Blum. The film focuses on the Pablove Shutterbugs, an arts education program aimed at children and teens currently undergoing cancer treatment.

“The Pablove Foundation is doing such amazing work. We feel so honored to be able to help in some small way,” said the Bird & the Bee’s George. “The idea that there might be a cure for some form of childhood cancer rattling around in a scientists brain and all she/he needs is some financial support seems criminal to me. Pablove is helping bridge that gap.”

“There’s a huge inequity when it comes to childhood cancer research — something like three cents on the dollar goes to childhood cancer research,” added Kurstin. “The work that Pablove does is close to our hearts, and we’re thrilled to support the work they do during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.”