'My son's friend's dad left them alone in a park - then he injured himself'

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As a parent, you'll want to keep your beady eye on your kids at all times but there comes a point when you can trust them on their own to behave and conduct themselves in an appropriate way.

However, one woman felt as though her son's friend's dad should not have left his and her nine year olds without adult supervision in a park for "10 minutes" especially as in his absence, her son sustained an injury.

"My 9-year-old son went to his friend's house after school. The dad collected them both from school and took them to the park. When my son got home, he said that the dad went back home to get something and left both my son and his friend (both 9) alone for 10 minutes", the furious mum penned on Mumsnet.

She explained her son "fell over and grazed his knee" during this time, hurting himself. He said an "old lady came over" to ask him if he was okay. "Son wasn't frightened, hurt or upset and while he is quite mature for his age, I have never left him alone for any amount of time", she explained.

She ended the post by writing: "I'm annoyed and am not sure if I'm being unreasonable. I feel like I can't trust the parents again. Am I mad? I can be a bit overprotective but am I being unreasonable in thinking you don't leave 9-year-olds alone in the park? Or maybe it's OK. I don't know. What do you all think?".

One mother commented: "I would leave a couple of 9-year-olds alone in a park for 10 minutes. It is good for children to have manageable amounts of independence and responsibility."

However, another supported the original mum's stance, stating: "I think if you are responsible for another parent's 9-year-old child then no you shouldn't leave them.

"If you choose to leave your own 9-year-old alone in the park that's your parenting choice, but in my opinion, you shouldn't be leaving another child there especially if you're meant to be looking after them."

Another person chimed in: "It's fine to do this with your own child in my opinion, although I wouldn't. You should not do this with someone else's [child] without checking if it's ok with their parents."