Sony preps garnet red and azurite blue superslim PS3s for Japan

Rik Henderson
Sony preps garnet red and azurite blue superslim PS3s for Japan. Sony, Gaming, PS3, Japan, PlayStation 3 0

Sony is continuing to release multi-coloured variants of the further trimmed, superslim PlayStation 3, with its home country of Japan the latest to get differently hued alternatives.

Joining the classic white and original charcoal black editions - the former also being launched in North America recently - will be garnet red and azurite blue versions of the 250GB PS3. Both will be launched in Japan on 28 February for 24,980 yen (£175) and come with matching DualShock controllers.

Whether the UK is to get similarly coloured PS3 variants or its own is yet to be revealed, but Pocket-lint understands that we won't have long to wait for an official announcement.

Of course, the UK doesn't have a 250GB superslim PS3, with only the 12GB and 500GB versions currently available over here, so it will be interesting to see if a coloured variant - if Sony introduces one - is one of those two, or if a new 250GB model will be launched.

We have had a scarlet red slim PS3 before, but that was positively portly in comparison to the latest form factor.

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