Sophie Ellis-Bextor red-faced as son gatecrashes BBC interview with marmalade chat

Amy Johnson
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Watch: Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s son gatecrashes her interview

Sophie Ellis-Bextor found herself tackling the perils of working from home when her interview with BBC News was gatecrashed by her son and his views on marmalade.

The Murder on the Dancefloor hitmaker was on a video call to talk to Riz Lateef about her support of charity Electric Umbrella's Christmas single and her lockdown Kitchen Discos on Monday when Jesse, five, wanted her attention.

Out of shot, he could be heard recounting a conversation he'd had with his eight-year-old brother Ray, stating: "I was saying marmalade is trash."

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Ellis-Bextor, 41, calmly assured her son they'd "talk about marmalade in a minute" before he continued talking about his sibling squabble and moved into the frame.

She joked her face had gone the same colour as her red jumper as Lateef thanked the mother-of-five for her time and brought the interview to an end.

Sharing footage of the moment to her Instagram, Ellis-Bextor wrote: "I put this in my stories but it’s making all my friends laugh so much I thought I’d put it here.

"It was bound to happen at some point - Jesse interrupting me live on BBC news to tell me he’d had an argument with his big bro about whether or not Marmalade was trash, and if it was then he must be, too. Honestly - my cheeks got so hot with embarrassment they didn’t cool down for an hour.

"Anyhoo - what say you? Marmalade - trash or not trash? #marmalade #isaynottrash #workingfromhome."

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The singer and her husband The Feeling bassist Richard Jones are parents to five boys.

In addition to Ray and Jesse they have Sonny, 16, Kit, 11, and Mickey, who turns two next month.

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