“Sopranos”' Drea de Matteo joined OnlyFans at her kids' encouragement

“Sopranos”' Drea de Matteo joined OnlyFans at her kids' encouragement

Drea de Matteo found some unlikely support right at home after the Sopranos actress turned to OnlyFans.

In a new interview, the actress revealed that her kids were the driving force behind her account on the subscription service, which is primarily known for uncensored nude photos.

"My kids were the ones that were like, 'Do it,'" de Matteo said, adding that her daughter assists with the process. "She'll edit the pictures, too, because they want certain things that we haven't been able to do."

Drea de Matteo
Drea de Matteo

Matteo Prandoni/BFA.com/Shutterstock Drea de Matteo

She continued, "I figured, 'OK, so everybody's in their underwear and being sexy on Instagram and I don't do that, but I can do that and get paid for it.' … I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner."

The actress claims her agent dropped her during the pandemic, and said that her family almost lost their home due to her inability to secure roles. "I guess you could say I was a bad girl because I did not follow the rules a couple of years ago," she said, alluding to her controversial remarks over the COVID-19 mandates. "So, I don't want to be at the mercy of mandates or strike or anything like that ever again."

de Matteo played Adriana, the girlfriend of Michael Imperioli's Christopher Moltisanti, for six seasons on The Sopranos. She won an Emmy for her performance in 2004.

"I didn't know this was going to have to be a change of life, you know, all of a sudden that during a time I'm supposed to be relaxing a little bit, that I would have to switch careers and figure new things out because my own industry thinks I'm, you know, a savage," de Matteo said.

"I know some people have said some nasty things about me having joined OnlyFans," she continued "But, you know, the way we see it in this house is mommy's a warrior, not accepting defeat."

The actress also revealed that her daughter read some of the unkind responses to her joining the platform. "I know that my daughter read [an article] and read some of the hater comments," she said. "I sat down, and I go, 'You know, mommy is not the things that they're trying to say.' She's like, 'We don't even have to have this conversation.' She schooled me."

"I just don't care," de Matteo said. "I don't. I'd rather save my family than save face."

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