The Sopranos: Michael Imperioli confirms he’s working on a ‘mystery project’ with David Chase

Michael Imperioli has announced he’s co-writing a film with his old boss, The Sopranos creator David Chase.

Imperioli appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday (27 October) to promote season two of the HBO series The White Lotus. That’s when he made first mention of the duo’s “mystery project”.

He also offered that Sopranos star Steve Schirripa, with whom he hosts the podcast Talking Sopranos, is taking part.

But that’s all Imperioli was willing to divulge.

“Yeah, we’re writing a movie together right now for me and Steve Schirripa. It’s a mystery project,” he said, projecting vagueness. “I can’t talk about it beyond that.”

Later he said: “David and I are writing it together. I can’t say what it’s about. But when it comes out, I’m gonna come here before anybody. I’m gonna come here and talk about it.”

I, however, would like to talk about it some more and right now.

Chase and Imperioli have worked together as recently as 2021, when Imperioli reprised his Sopranos role for Chase’s prequel film The Many Saints of Newark. Imperioli provided the film’s voiceover in character, as Tony Soprano’s wayward nephew Christopher.

Michael Imperioli and James Gandolfini (HBO)
Michael Imperioli and James Gandolfini (HBO)

Could the “mystery project” be another Sopranos prequel or even a spin-off that lives inside The Sopranos’ own timeline? If you’re still reading this article, then you’re extremely likely to know that the character of Christopher did not survive his life of crime. But there are plenty of unanswered questions about Christopher’s life up until that point.

Last year, while appearing on The Hollywood Reporter’s podcast Awards Chatter, Chase did say he had an idea for “one more” Sopranos movie, but seemed to doubt it would get made because of a lack of interest at Warner Media and HBO. “But I don’t think they want that,” he said then.

Could the “mystery project” and the “one more idea” possibly be the same film?

I don’t know, because Michael Imperioli won’t talk about it.