From sore losers to accusations of cheating, Americans list their crazy game night antics

One in five people have banned a board game for causing problems on Game Night, new research suggests. And out of those who've brought down the banhammer, it's Monopoly that stands out as the most debated — and most forbidden — board game of all time. In a recent survey of 2,000 U.S. residents, 20% say that their game nights with friends or family members are often or always disrupted by competitive or unfriendly behavior. Commonly cited antics included someone quitting because they were losing (46%), someone accusing another player of cheating (44%), and two or more players getting into an argument (44%). Thankfully, according to data reported by OnePoll on behalf of Z-Man Games, only 11% of respondents said they've witnessed a physical fight break out. Still, these occurrences have consequences; not only have 22% banned certain games, but another 22% have had to ban a particular player from their game night. Thirteen percent even confessed that they themselves are the problem player "every time" or "most of the time."

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