Mar. 20—Zeta Tau

On Wednesday, March 13, Zeta Tau members met at Milroy United Methodist Church for a chapter monthly meeting. Barb Stiers and Judy Miller provided an enjoyable meal for the members. Fifteen of 19 members were present.

The meeting was opened by President Angie Fette. Members recited the Opening Verse. The secretary's and treasurer's reports were accepted.

Julie Tackett read a congratulatory note from the Psi Iota Xi National Council for our chapter's 60th anniversary!

Reports were given by the Standing Committees concerning the chapter's monthly reports. Nominations for the 2024-2025 officers were presented for the second time by Carolanna Yager. Julie Tacket was voted as our chapter's Psi Ote of the Year. Congratulations to Julie!

Project Reports that concern our fundraisers for the philanthropic projects were stated. RADA orders are due at the April meeting. Our chapter has a flower project with Sunrise Greenhouse & Rebecca's Greenhouse. Certificates were passed to members. If you would like to purchase a certificate to help our chapter, please contact a member. Our Raise Right app is doing well. Butterbraids were delivered, so members picked them up. On April 30, we will have a fundraiser with the Dairy Queen in Rushville. We are planning a bingo event in June. More information soon.

Our chapter's 60th anniversary is Oct. 11 and a trip is being planned for our members. We will hear more about that trip at the April meeting. Our chapter was chartered in 1964.

Our chapter will provide a raffle at the National Convention. Members are welcome to bring items for it, as we know what is needed.

Birthdays and anniversaries were mentioned.

Brags & Complaints provide dollars that are used for our chapter's projects. Several gave a dollar or more and reported on happenings in their lives.

Our next meeting is at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 10, at Eleanor Columbe's home with Mary Ann Crisman as co-host for the evening,

The meeting concluded after reciting the Psi Iote Closing.

Need a gift? Zeta Tau will order RADA items for you. This fundraiser helps our philanthropic organization assist Rush County!

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