‘Sorry for doubting you!’: Love Island fans are thrilled after Tasha and Andrew’s ‘beautiful’ final date

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Love Island has been airing the season’s final date episodes ahead of the show’s conclusion on Monday (1 August).

In Friday’s (29 July) episode, original couple Tasha and Andrew went for their designated time alone, away from their fellow villa mates.

To Tasha’s delight, the date was on a beach and had a large arrangement of red roses spelling out the letters “T” and “A”.

With emotions being high, Tasha cried when she saw the flowers and told Andrew that it was a scenario she’d always wanted.

Elsewhere in the date, the couple exchanged words of affection, with Andrew telling Tasha that she was the first person he saw when he entered the villa, and that he had her back.

In response to the date, viewers have expressed support for the pairing, with many hoping that they’ll continue their connection long after the cameras turn off.

“In a year’s time, Andrew and Tasha BETTER STILL BE TOGETHER,” hoped one viewer.

Tasha and Andrew on Love Island (ITV)
Tasha and Andrew on Love Island (ITV)

Shaughna Phillips, a contestant on season six of Love Island, joined in with praise for the couple, writing: “Tasha & Andrew are cute. There I f*****g said it. Cute cute cute.”

Other praise for Tasha and Andrew's date includes that it “looks right out of a romance novel” and that it is “so beautiful and romantic”.

The pair have had a tumultuous journey, with both having brief connections with other islanders. However, their current unity has caused some viewers to view them more favourably than ever.

“Tasha and Andrew, I'm sorry for doubting you, you're adorable,” one new fan reasoned.

Love Island continues on ITV2 on Sunday (31 July) at 9pm, ahead of the grand finale on Monday.

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