SOUND ON! Rare moment pod of dolphins caught "chatting" off the coast of Scotland

A pod of common dolphins off Britain were caught "chatting" when a wildlife photographer filmed underwater - after being followed by the group.

The creatures were heard after they uttered an array of "whistles and clicks" as a GoPro camera was followed by the curious members of the pod.

Rosie Barrett, 25, captured the moment while on a trip that started in the Hebridean community of Gairloch, Scotland.

Barrett regularly goes out on whale and dolphin spotting adventures and has filmed and photographed many amazing creatures, including orcas.

She said: "We had a lovely pod of common dolphins come bounding over towards the boat.

"They were bow riding as well as swimming circles around the boat and leaping out next to us lots of times.

"They were so playful and didn't want to leave us, becoming very vocal and you could really, clearly hear them from being on board our boat.

"That is when I decided to stick my GoPro over the side to see if I could capture the action from below the water!"

When boats venture into waters populated by dolphins it is very common for them to interact with the vessel and those aboard.

She added: "Boats create a kind of pressure wave that a lot of dolphins love to play on.

"Each encounter is different and every dolphin can decide for themselves if they want to come over.

"Some like to cruise past and carry on and some come over to play!

"This encounter was so magical though, to hear them talking away was just incredible and will live with me forever!"