South Africa violence: Sky correspondent describes 'absolute chaos' as food warehouses ransacked

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Sky News correspondent John Sparks has reported several food warehouses and a rice depot have been "invaded" and "ransacked" by people in Durban, South Africa.

Sparks described the scene as "absolute chaos" as looters have been "carting off" what was inside the facilities.

He said they had brought cars and trucks to fill up their vehicles with what they could get their hands on.

Rioting has continued in parts of the country in unrest sparked by the imprisonment last week of former president Jacob Zuma, which has spiralled into days of looting in two of the country's nine provinces.

The government has said 2,500 troops are on the streets to try to restore law and order.

But Sparks said the army was nowhere to be seen as people were just "helping themselves".

He said: "This is really out of control".

Sparks had earlier been at another mass looting location where people told him they were hungry.

Lots of South Africans have lost jobs in the pandemic, including during lockdowns, and they were living "very much a hand-to-mouth existence".

Sparks said COVID restrictions "have hurt people here".