South Dakota School Severely Damaged Following Storm

A school in Castlewood, South Dakota, was left severely damaged after a tornado-warned storm swept through the region on May 12.

This footage shows debris strewn throughout the school’s gym and classrooms, and water flooding the hallways.

At least two people were reported killed in the state due to the storm, the Argus Leader reported.

On Friday, Hamlin County Sheriff’s Office urged locals to avoid travel as the storm downed power lines and scattered debris along Castlewood’s streets. Credit: @kaden_eng via Storyful

Video transcript

- Hello? We can't stick to that. Those are aluminum [INAUDIBLE]. We're not going to be able to staple [INAUDIBLE]. Well, we could staple it on the inside in case it rains tonight, and--


--the community clean it up when everyone was gone.


- There's a gas leak in our alley, so they told us to get out of there. So I'm at the school here in [INAUDIBLE]. All right?

- Do you guys have scissors?

- I don't.

- Should we go to Moose's?

- Just walk around.

- Yeah, I want to walk around.

- Well, I also want to check and see if you guys' cars are still there.

- Yeah.

- That's true.

- Yeah, I'm thinking that-- Oops.

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